Tingen & Williams Attorney Results Form

Attorney Results Form


Please fill out the following form whenever you complete a case that shows our firm in a positive light.

If you’d like an example of what we’re looking for, please see this Results post by Jacob: https://tingenwilliams.com/2020/i-212-waiver-and-adjustment-granted/41549.

As a few additional notes before you get started:

  • Please keep in mind that you should refrain from using client information unless you receive their permission first. Instead, please use words phrases such as “our client,” “the plaintiff,” etc.
  • Andrew will review and edit these result entries before they appear on the website, so feel free to zoom through them if you want. For example, you can leave the “title” section blank if you’re having difficulty thinking of a title for your post.
  • If you find yourself writing more than around 200 to 300 words total (such as if it’s a particuarly interesting or detailed case), please consider writing a full case study instead. Talk to Andrew for details and templates for this.

Tingen & Williams Attorney Results Form

  • Please provide the case number. This is for organization, and will not go into the actual post.

  • The title for your post should be descriptive and should include the result and/or the location/court that we won the case in.

    For example: "I-212 Waiver and Adjustment Granted After Prior Order of Removal," "Political Asylum Granted for Columbian Oral Surgeon," "$100,000 Settlement in Richmond Traffic Accident Case," or "Full Child Custody Granted in Fairfax Circuit Court."

  • For example, "Richmond Circuit Court," "Arlington Immigration Court," or simply "Richmond," "Henrico County," "Charlottesville," etc.

  • Describe the client and the problem they’re facing. If relevant, describe why they came to our firm specifically, such as “no one else would take my case” or “other attorneys asked for too much for an initial consultation.”

    Your description should generally include all of the relevant facts of the case as it occurred before the initial consultation with our firm.

  • Describe what our firm did to solve the problem, the work we did on the case, the extra mile we went through for our client, etc.

    For example, what legal processes did you help the client through? What challenges did you overcome to help them resolve their case? What unique or interests legal tidbits made this case memorable for you?

  • How did the case end? What happened that helped resolve the case? What arguments did the judge in the case find particularly persuasive?

  • For example, "Asylum Granted," "Adjustment of Status Granted," "$100,000 Settlement," "Charges Dropped," etc.